Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Can I interview a DJ before I book?

Yes, absolutely!  Our goal is to match you with one of our SoundSource disc jockey team members.  To do this, it is important for you to meet with your DJ before hiring him or her.

When does my DJ setup for my event?

Your DJ arrives 1 1/2 hours prior to the start of your entertainment reservation with him or her.  For example, if you have reserved a DJ from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, then your DJ will arrive at 4:30pm to setup.  We do not charge for setup on any of our entertainment packages.

Can I pick my own music for my event?

Of course!  Your event playlist should mirror your personal musical tastes.  To prepare for your event, we give you access to our online song database, song suggestion worksheets, and planning forms.  If you are a “hands-on” client, you can pick each and every song played at your event.  If you would prefer us to do the work, you can simply provide your favorite genres of music and music artists.  All of the music played at SoundSource events is family-friendly.  This means that we have all of the current top 40 hits, but they are clean versions.

How is my $100 deposit applied to my booking?

The $100 deposit is applied to your total event balance.  For example, when you book a package that retails at $648.00 - your new balance after your deposit is $548.00.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, we would not be in the event industry without it!  We carry a full liability insurance policy for each of our events.  If your facility requires a copy of our insurance, simply contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and an “Additionally Insured” policy will be provided to your event facility.



What is pattern projection?

Pattern projection is a designer’s way of transforming your event space by illuminating a ceiling or wall(s) in one specific pattern.

What is a customized gobo monogram?

A customized gobo monogram is a logo or emblem  that is projected onto a dance floor, wall, or floor to showcase the guests of honor.  In weddings, the monogram is normally the initials or names of the bride and groom.  For a corporate event, the monogram is the company logo.

What is a “full room of color customized LED uplighting”?

Our event lighting division, ILD Lighting, has only TWO goals when providing uplighting for your event: To accentuate the architectural structure of the space and provide a “WOW” factor for your event.  A full room of uplighting is your total square footage of event space illuminated with wall washing color of your choice.  We quote uplighting for each event based solely on (A) your square footage and (B) ceiling height.

If I reserve lighting services, when will my design team arrive?

Your ILD Lighting event designer will contact you prior to your event to schedule a setup time.  Your team will either arrive the day before or 4-6 hours prior to the start of your event.